A hot shower is one of my favorite escapes. In the never-ending search for self-care, a shower often seems more attainable than committing to a long bath. If you’re in a rush, really all you need is five minutes! And whether it helps you get going in the morning or unwind at night, a shower can be an aromatherapy experience just like a bath. An aromatherapy shower can work wonders if you’re feeling tired or stressed out.

Introducing the Citrus Wake Up Shower Melts

Not recommended for children

Place in the shower, just out of reach of water spray, and let it fizz. It will slowly release the essential oils.
Enjoy an energizing, uplifting aroma

Lemon essential oil and other citrus essential oils can help increase serotonin levels in your brain to boost your mood.

These wake-up shower melts are made with a blend of essential oils that are said to help you wake up.

Steam baths have been used in many different cultures all over the world. Today, they are easy to do right at home with your shower.

If you're not a bath person, these shower melts work in a similar way.
The hot water creates steam, and the melts give off essential oils as they dissolve to fill your shower with aromatherapy vapors.

Think of them as a bath bomb for your shower.

each tablet is good for 1 shower and there are 3 in a pack

I haven't noticed in my tub but I wanted to warn that you should be careful after using because it could make your tub slippery.

Ingredients: Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Citric Acid Powder, Essential Oil Blend (Citrus limon, Citrus sinensis, Citrus paradise, Citrus aurantifolia, & Cymbopogon citratus), Witch Hazel

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